RE: Yikes! Reduced to modems!

Samuel S. Thomas (sthomas@Onramp.NET)
Sun, 30 Apr 95 03:22:28 CDT

the data compression hardware in a v.34 modem or any modem using v.42bis is a
joke, unless you're sending a text file composed of the same character repeated
zillions of times, then you'll probably see next to no compression at all from the
modem. I would like to point out that a v.34 is actually only a 2400 BAUD(not
bps) modem, using multi-state logic (similar to having a base-12 computer) to
send UP TO 12 bits of data in a single bit-time, and that expecting even the best
compression algorithm to compress the already highly squashed video data
further is asking for a miracle.

just my $.02,
Sam "Slammin' Sammy" Thomas
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