The Surveyor Responds

John Becker (
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 10:27:58 -0500

Having gotten a few days behind in reading the digest version of the
postings to the list, I must say that even though it was I who posted the
CU-SeeMe Addiction Survey here, I was quite surprised at the number of times
it was posted. I did post it twice, and only under my name: initially "as
is" and a second time with the incentive of thanking participants with a
copy of my rather extensive list of reflectors (private ones included).

However, it appears that a certain gentleman -- who perhaps should
remain nameless -- may have been trying out a new email program. The first
time he returned the survey to me it consisted of about 6 lines; the second
time it was filled out in full. But I have no idea why he re-posted my
survey to the list two or three times more! I hope he's finished.

Nevertheless, I seem to have gotten the greatest flurry of responses
following the postings by those two individuals who took umbrage at the
content or supposedly evil intent of the survey. My heartfelt thanx for both
their ideas and the responses that resulted.

The survey was/is entirely voluntary, both in full and in part. And
some people did chose not to answer certain question. They could have easily
left their real names off had they chosen. But I have no intention of
"collecting addresses" with the survey. If I wanted addresses, I could
easily cull them from the list itself, along with the signature banners
which loudly proclaim the sender's philosophical proclivities.

Luc Volders was closest to the reason for the survey. Scroll back! I
didn't want to make the entire purpose obvious and influence the answers.
But in the meantime, I thought it best to assure anyone who filled out the
survey (or cares to) that it is anonymous -- you become a number after I
send you the reflector listing -- and the data will be used only by myself
and professional (published) anthropologist. So I hope this puts all the
conspiracy buffs at ease for a while.

John Becker

John Becker