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I'd love to find not only an FAQ but actual instructions on how to use this
software properly. I can log into reflector sites and see other peoples
video but get only chunks of garbled audio from time to time.

Rundown of my rundown system:

486-120 DX4
16 megs of ram
ATI 2 meg video card
Soundblaster 16 with daughterboard
Soundblaster's mic
14.4 modem
Quick Cam video cam (the kind that uses the parallel port)
Running on Win95

I'd like to know how to capture other's photo panel, how to keep the video
windows on the screen all the time (they minimize when I change screens) and
how to use the chat window. Seems nobody can see my video, hear my audio, or
see my chat attempts.

ANY guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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