dianna rawleigh (rawdi@sirius.com)
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 09:12:49 -0800

Partying over CUSeeMe from the Anon Salon in San Francisco this past Friday
night was a success; we had a blast with it. As artists who are generally
comfortable and forthcoming with our sexuality, we were kindof surprised
with some of the "let's get dirty"-type comments, especially after
midnight. I guess for many of us using the technology, sexuality isn't
something that remains separate from ourselves-- lurking in the dark,
waiting to burst forth as obscene comments and gestures. It's a vital part
of who we are and can and is expressed at all times. Unfortunately this out
of balance approach will continue until we're able (as a culture) to see
that our sexuality is NOT dirty and can let go of these sick puritan values
that lie beneath our surface and screw us up. It's too bad that Americans
with these screwed up values seem to be dominating the CUSeeMe airwaves
(even when we're logged on in Italy or Paris...) because Europeans in
particular have a much better handle on their sexuality than we do-- and if
we shut up long enough to listen and observe, we might just learn