Garbled Video with ISVR Pro

damurray (
Mon, 01 Apr 1996 13:08:41 -0500


I'm using the Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro which works great with the
Asymytix software that come with it as well as the commercial version of
Digital Video Producer. I recently installed CU-SeeMe version 2.01,
which CLAIMED to recognize the isvrpro.drv driver software, however when
I launch CU-SeeMe, all I can generate is static.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

for informational purposes, my system is as follows:
Intel Pentium - 133
64 Mb Ram
1MB Pipeline Burst Cache
Adapter cards installed:
Adaptec PCI SCSI Mastering Contoller
Diamond Technologies PCI 3D Wave Video/Audio Adapter
Practical Peripherals 288HC II Fax Modem
ScanFx Scanner Adapter
Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro

please reply via e-mail

thanx in advance,

D. A. Murray
	damurray@NHR.COM or