CU-SeeMe Problems on 8500s??

Jon DeFriese (
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 15:23:13 -0500

Please excuse if this topic has been discussed recently I have not been
reading this list for a while.

Are there any known problems with the PCI Macs and CU-SeeMe?

I'm using a PowerMac 8500 with the built in A/V controller with a FlexCam
and a Connectix Quickcam.
When I launch CU-SeeMe it doesn't recognize that I have any type of video
digitizer card or device at all.

Apple Quicktime Conferencing, Connectix QuickPict, the Apple Video Player,
and other Quicktime apps all can use both the FlexCam and the Quickcam with
no problem. CU-SeeMe doesn't recognize them at all.

Here is the machine spec:

PPC 8500
System 7.5.3
OT 1.1
Quicktime 2.1
256 Color (for CU-SeeMe)

Thanks in advance, Jon

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