Newbie help

George Price (
Sun, 31 Mar 1996 20:13:17 -0800

Hello, and thanks in advance for your efforts.

I'm still in the configuring stage, I haven't gotten CU-SeeMe to run yet.
When I try the menu choice >Conference>Connect, every entry on the list
comes back with "No response from (whoever)". I haven't messed with any
of the default settings.

So I tried the GCG add-on. I'm still having problems though; no matter
what entry I try from that author's People Page, or the iradio.csm entry
in Step 4 of his GCG Quick Start process, I get a Netscape err that says
"TCP error: bad file number; server may be down or unreachable." This
happens absolutely every time over dozens of tries, so I really doubt
everybody's that busy.

I'm running Windows for Workgroups on an AMD 5x86/133-P75 (hotrod 486
mutant) with 16MB and 28.8 connection. Chamelion dialer, Netscape 2.0
browser. When I get this straightened out in Windows I want to go back
to OS/2.

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