Don't have a fixed IP address

Brian Wood (
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 01:57:32 -0800


Is it possible to use CU-SeeMe if my ISP uses server allocated IP addressing?

I've read the ReadMe that came with ver. 83b3 for Mac PPC and the
requirements specify simply "an IP network connection." At I read:

> Currently CU-SeeMe does not work with a provider who is giving you TIA,
>or >dynamic access. Dynamic access enables the provider to have
>many more people >access their sites, and can provide service at a lower
>rate. Typically a
>provider in the $10 to $20 per month area is providing dynamic access. Make
>sure that you check if your goal is to use CU-SeeMe.

At I found:

>I've found an interesting utility for Windows users who are having the
>dreaded Hostname failed problem that is very common for people who have
>IP addresses.
>The program is called Makehost and what it does is create a hosts file for you
>which contains a range of IP addresses that your Internet Service Provider
>and gives each a name. This solves the problem with resolving your IP address
>to a name. Just type makehost and it will ask for the first three fields of
>your IP address (ie: 128.83.108) then a starting and ending address(ie: 1 and
>3) and then creates a host file which contains,,
>and > If you have the hostname error, this should take care
>of it
>assuming your winsock is setup correctly. Leave me mail if you have success
>with this program or think you may need it. I found it at this site and it's
>created by Fred Salerno.

Does such a tool exist for Mac users?

My symptoms: Can't connect to any reflector. Can't even connect to myself.
When I try to connect to myself, I get back "no response from"
That IP is the one I was assigned in my previous session. If I quit
CU-SeeMe and restart the application (while I'm still connected) it will
try the correct IP, but still get no response.

My System: Mac PPC 6100/66
28.8 kbps modem
System 7.5.3 (Network Software Selctor set to Classic Networking)
MacTCP 2.0.6
InterSLIP 1.0.2d2

Brian Wood
Institute for Global Communications (415) 255-7812