RE: Few words about the PC Config Survey

John W. Osborne (
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 21:43:58 +-1000

Ohh,, geeezzz....

Not another survey. This one is slightly less odorous in that it doesn'r want to
know my sex, or if I'm addictied, or etc. etc. etc.

What is it going to be next? Ask me for a credit card number? My favourite
TV cartoons? Whom I voted for in the last election?

No regards, John

From: Alessandro Barabesi[]
Sent: Tuesday, 2 April 1996 20:20
Subject: Few words about the PC Config Survey

Thanks to all of you who filled the questionnaire.

I would like to remind you (and to tell the new subscribers)
that the updated results of the survey on PC hardware/software
configurations used to run CU-SeeMe (and the questionnaire)
are available at:

At the same address you can find a short description of plug ins
for CU-Seeme (Mac) that i'm writing. I would very much like
your opinion about them.

If you are a PC user PLEASE fill the questionnaire.
If you can't connect to the web page use the copy enclosed
in this message.

If you are a Mac user (as I am ) and you think I don't care
about Macs (as some of the subscribers think) be patient.
A survey about Macs will be posted soon (2 weeks I hope).

Now, few words about this survey . I am a researcher at
South Bank University and my area is Videoconferencing
and HCI in general. The survey is intended to help people
to choose the right equipment to run CU.
The name and surname fields are there only to help me to
keep track of who sent what. Feel free to not fill them if you
think your privacy is not respected.
Anyway if somebody wants to collect information about you
(expecially if these are available on your machine) there are many
other ways to do that and you'll probably never know that it happened.
This is just to say that I don't think the CU addiction survey was as dangerous
as it has been depicted.
Thanks again to all of you (and please excuse my english !!).

+ Questionnaire +



Audio card:

Video Capture Board:

CU-SeeMe version:

Windows version:

Type of internet connection(14.4k, 28.8k, LAN etc):

TCP/IP driver:

Camera/Video source (or LURKER):



Alessandro Barabesi

Research Assistant

Centre for People and Systems Interaction
School for Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics
South Bank University
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London SE1 OAA

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