RE: Few words about the PC Config Survey

Alessandro Barabesi (
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 16:26:46 +0100

>Ohh,, geeezzz....
>Not another survey. This one is slightly less odorous in that it doesn'r
>want to
>know my sex, or if I'm addictied, or etc. etc. etc.
>What is it going to be next? Ask me for a credit card number? My favourite
>TV cartoons? Whom I voted for in the last election?
>No regards, John

First, as you know, since you are not a new subscriber,I started this
survey 5 weeks ago, why are you complaining only now?

Second, If you think this (or any other) survey is not appropriate for the
mailing list why don't you just filter your mail and automatically
delete all the messages with the word "survey" in the subject ?

Third, nobody asked you for your card number, cartoons etc and
nobody will (I hope). All the questions are strictly about CU-SeeMe
and since "The CU-SeeMe-L mailing list is intended for an unrestricted
discussion of the CU-SeeMe packet video software under development by
the Cornell CU-SeeMe project and its colloborators " I can't see any problem
with my survey. Don't you think that the results would be useful to the
new users?


PS: I would like to apologise with all the other subscribers for using the list
for a private matter but I think this message could interest many of you.
I won't carry on this discussion on the list any longer.

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