CU-SEEME ?how to get IP on slip acct

Daniel (
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 11:51:26 -0500 (EST)

Howdy CU-SEEME'ers,

One note: very simple email etiquite: As you all know, this list gets way to
much nonsense traffic. Simple request, as I did in this msg, put CU-SEEME as
the first thing in the subject: field so recipients know what the mail is
and do not need to read it if they are busy.

Now my question:

I read some of the FAQ's and did not see the answer to my question. I can
get a connection with cuseeme so I know I have no host problems.

With my SLIP account, I (as many of you), get a new IP address everytime.
What I find myself doing is interogating TCPMAN.EXE for my current IP address

display IPAddrs=\i \n

In WINSOCK which tells me what the current IP is. I then email "today's"
address to my friends (OK, aquaintances). Is there anyway to automate this a
little better - or if they are going to call me, must they have the IP from
"right-now" like I am doing it.


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