Re: cu-seeme security

Alex Watson (
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 20:11:14 -0600 (CST)

>Can I use CUSEEME and put the images on a "security web site?"

Oddly enough, I think this can be done. Using the Netscape push, and
a perl script that continues to push the same .gif file onto the web
site, as an <IMG SRC=....> tag. (animation script)

A Java script, that I have, will do the same thing. (But I'm not sure if it
loads all the images at once in the list of .gifs to play over and over.)

To do it cheaply:
1. You'll need a Perl interpretor on whatever platform you use.
NT and Unix Perl is available, and I think Mac is coming up.
(so this really isnt a problem.) Java will run on any platform.

2. A way to capture and save the CUSEEME image.
For the PC you can Snap part of the screen using Snap-Pro and
save as a .gif, and even use Microsoft's RECORDER.EXE to write
a macro that will do it over and over and save a .gif to the web site.
If your web site is on unix, you'll need samba with WFW.

3. A gun to blow your brains out trying to get all this to run!

So conceivably it can be done. Kinda hokey tho.

BTW: anyone interested in this, email me, cause I do it on my web site.

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On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, Brian Heinz wrote:

> I wish to find out about how to go about setting up a aWEB security site
> using the useeme tech. My goal is to do similar to what has already been
> done. That is to snap a frame every 5 seconds and transfer that picture
> to my web directory overwriting the same file each time. And then of
> coure displaying the new picture on the web.
> Will my viewer have to reload the page to bring in the new picture, or
> can I use the pull/push options netscape offers, where the page will be
> automatically updated. I have a Windows based 486/66 and a Quick cam.
> Please direct me to the proper information concerning how I would
> accomplish this in a step by step fashion if at all possible Thanks
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