Re: Mac Lockup

Brian Wood (
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 23:25:35 -0800

>>>I am going to relay a problem that a friend of mine is having with >>his mac
>and his CU. I believe that he has the Cornell Beta version. >>I think it is a
>5800 with no cam. He is on a dial up slip with the >>"Connect" the opening
>window appears, a video window shows behind >>that and the computer locks
>>Make sure that Virtual Memory is OFF, and they are Using Open >Transport
>>version 1.1.
>The plot thickens:
>There might be a problem here, I've turned Virtual Memory off and Cu-SeeMe
>works--slow--but works. I've installed System 7.5.3 w/System Update 2.0, but
>Open Transport IS NOT SUPPORTED on the Performa 5200.
>Can you ask the list if this is a significant problem? I would have thought
>twice about buying the Performa if I had known that Open Transport was not
>supported (this is supposed to be a PowerPC machine)! FXS
>Can anyone help my friend or is he trying to put a square peg in a round hole?
> Thank You in advance Mark Bardenwerper

I'm using CUSeeMe version 83b3 on a PPC 6100 with System 7.5.3. You need
to use the Network Software Selector (Apple Extras folder) to choose
Classic Networking (using MacTCP) instead of Open Transport. I need to
hit up the docs again to see if there is any discussion of the best memory
configuration. It's running alright using RAM Doubler, but when I have
more than two CU windows open things get real slow. I have 16 MB installed
with RAM doubler.

Brian Wood
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