RE: enhanced version

John W. Osborne (
Wed, 3 Apr 1996 18:36:09 +-1000

Yep...sounds like you ordered the right version.
I'm using the Quickcam under Windows 95 (albeit on a mere
humble P100, not a 133) and works like a charm.

Absolutely -no- problems setting it up. A combination of it
drawing power from the keyboard (hence no extra power required)
and pluggin into the parallel port (hence no video digitiser required
with all of -its- possible setup problems) made setup an absolute breeze.

CUSEEME is quite happy talking to it and the video quality is quite good.

By the way...with all that horsepower I hope you are connecting a at least
28.8.....would be a shame to cripple your system at 14.4 or lower.


From: Vic Kegley[]
Sent: Wednesday, 3 April 1996 9:37
Subject: enhanced version

Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 1996 6:22 PM
Subject: enhanced version

I purchased the enhanced 32 bit version of cu-seeme from Whitepine
Software. I could not find any information as to whether this is the proper
version to run with the quickcam for windows. I
have windows95---133mhz---16megs.
Hope that you can help with your expert advice. The quickcam should arrive
in a few days.
Thanks for your Help, Vic