Connectix QuickCam problem

Bill Robertson (
Wed, 03 Apr 1996 07:56:35 -0500

First off this is a problem with my 2 QuickCams not CUSeeMe.

I posted here because I couldn't find another place to post.
I'd appreciate it if anyone could suggest a better list or newsgroup
to post to.

The problem with both my QuickCams is how they behave under fluorescent
light vs. incandescent or natural light. Under fluorescent light, with a
well lit static scene and brightness set to automatic or manual (under
either QuickMovie or CUSeeMe), the captured video continuously fluctuates
getting brighter and dimmer about once per second. Under incandescent or
natural light the problem disappears and the brightness of the captured
video remains constant.

Have I got 2 bad cameras? Is there an automatic gain control time
constant somewhere that I didn't adjust?

Connectix tech support couldn't help me with this one; I hope you can.

Thanks in advance.

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