RE: CU-SEEME Chat Loss & future versions

John W. Osborne (
Thu, 4 Apr 1996 18:16:38 +-1000


A side note.......
If he has a 14.4 modem, 14.4 is all he's going to get. The "faster"
speeds both of you are quoting refers only to the DCE-DTE speeds
(i.e. in between the PC and the modem), NOT out to the rest of the world.


From: Daniel W. Erskine[]
Sent: Thursday, 4 April 1996 5:39
Subject: Re: CU-SEEME Chat Loss & future versions

Monty Seidler wrote:
> I am running a 14.4 modem,set at 38.6k, through Trumpet Winsock to my
> Organization's Server.(NMAA)I'm using CUSM ver 84b7.
> There are times when I can chat while Im sending or lurking on certain refs
> and no chat while Im sending on others. When I am in DC, everthing is fine.
> Ive noticed that others have problems with the chat feature as well. Any
> enlightenment? My settings are at 10min and 20 max, TX and RX.
> Im also wondering if there is a new release in the works.
> Thnx...Monty

You have a 14.4 modem and you're not connecting at 57.6 baud??? You're losing
out on 19,000 average bit tranfers per second (BPS)!!! Your transfer/receive
settings look good, so everything *should* work properly from YOUR end. I hope
the reflectors (or sites) your connecting to support the features you're using!
The "Message-Of-The-Day" (MOTD) of each reflector *usually* posts addresses
for Email questions. Maybe they can help, if not this mailing list!

Good luck,
"THERE IS NO SANITY... Just organized CHAOS!!!"

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