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Bzzzzt...wrong...thanks for playing.

To be perfectly correct, unless one's incandescent lights are
connected to a DC power source, they are turning on and off
at whatever your AC powersource's line frequency is (60 Hz in
the States, 50 Hz here in Australia).

It only -looks- continuous to the human eye. To the degree that a
a camera is sensitive to light transitions is the extent to which
flicker will be faithfully reproduced.


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Subject: Re:Connectix QuickCam problem

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>Subject: Connectix QuickCam problem
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>First off this is a problem with my 2 QuickCams not CUSeeMe.
>I posted here because I couldn't find another place to post.
>I'd appreciate it if anyone could suggest a better list or newsgroup
>to post to.
>The problem with both my QuickCams is how they behave under fluorescent
>light vs. incandescent or natural light. Under fluorescent light, with a
>well lit static scene and brightness set to automatic or manual (under
>either QuickMovie or CUSeeMe), the captured video continuously fluctuates
>getting brighter and dimmer about once per second. Under incandescent or
>natural light the problem disappears and the brightness of the captured
>video remains constant.
>Have I got 2 bad cameras? Is there an automatic gain control time
>constant somewhere that I didn't adjust?
>Connectix tech support couldn't help me with this one; I hope you can.
>Thanks in advance.

That's would think Connectix could explain this to you.

Flourescent lights flicker at 60 hz. This is why you get dimmer/brighter
pix under it. Incandescent lights are on constantly. This is not a problem
with your camera. The camera is taking frames every x miliseconds and
sometimes it happens to take a frame when the flourescent bulb is off.

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