Re: Mac lockup

Adam Skwersky (
Thu, 04 Apr 96 08:59:49 EST


OT is not supported YET on the 5200. While Apple was doing beta testing with OT
1.1b16, the users of 5200, 6300, etc were experiencing crashes with OT. Instead
of delaying the release for every machine, Apple just released OT with a
messaging saying it wont work with those machines. Im sure when Apple figures
out the bugs, they will be fixed and made available for 5200. BTW, Unless you
are using an ethernet connection, you wont see much of a speed improvement. I'm
on a T1 and I do see some improvement, but many programs still use the MacTCP
calls which are emulated by OT. I believe CU-Seeme uses MacTCP calls so it wont
run any faster on OT, and perhaps even slower than regular old MacTCP.

Adam Skwersky