Re: CU-SeeMe Reflector

Michael Bauer (
Thu, 4 Apr 1996 15:07:06 -0600 (CST)

On Thurs, April 4, New Hok wrote :

>BTW, I haven't know wheather yours error is running error or
>compilation error?
>What OS r u using ? Which version of the reflector r u running ?

This is a running error. I'm running Linux reflector v.4.00B3 for
Linux (pre-compiled - where can one get the source code?), on Linux
kernel 1.2.13.

I'm running reflector with the command
"/sbin/reflect /etc/reflect.conf",

and getting the message
"bind error port, vid_sock : Address already in use: FATAL ERROR: EXITING".

What baffles me is that (a) I have no video device of any kind
attached or running to this machine, and (b) reflector is definitely
not running already - I've done "ps -aux" first to verify this
(besides, I've never successfully run reflector, either in the
foreground or the background). You know, I'm feeling beginning to
feel mighty dumb (no, not for the first time, thank you).

(btw, thanks for your prompt reply!) Mick Bauer