Re: CU-SEEME Chat Loss & future versions

Daniel W. Erskine (
Thu, 04 Apr 1996 17:08:58 -0600

Huhm-mm-mm... I wonder what happened to the online signal compression, in your
figures? There IS data compression involved! Where? I'll get some "concrete"
answers and get back you all!

Thanks for the info,
"THERE IS NO SANITY... Just organized CHAOS!!!"

Daniel W. Erskine ""

John W. Osborne wrote:
> Monty/Daniel...
> A side note.......
> If he has a 14.4 modem, 14.4 is all he's going to get. The "faster"
> speeds both of you are quoting refers only to the DCE-DTE speeds
> (i.e. in between the PC and the modem), NOT out to the rest of the world.
> John
> Monty Seidler wrote:
> > I am running a 14.4 modem,set at 38.6k, through Trumpet Winsock to my
> > Organization's Server.(NMAA)I'm using CUSM ver 84b7.
> > There are times when I can chat while Im sending or lurking on certain refs
> > and no chat while Im sending on others. When I am in DC, everthing is fine.
> > Ive noticed that others have problems with the chat feature as well. Any
> > enlightenment? My settings are at 10min and 20 max, TX and RX.
> > Im also wondering if there is a new release in the works.
> > Thnx...Monty
> Greetings:
> You have a 14.4 modem and you're not connecting at 57.6 baud??? You're losing
> out on 19,000 average bit tranfers per second (BPS)!!! Your transfer/receive
> settings look good, so everything *should* work properly from YOUR end. I hope
> the reflectors (or sites) your connecting to support the features you're using!
> The "Message-Of-The-Day" (MOTD) of each reflector *usually* posts addresses
> for Email questions. Maybe they can help, if not this mailing list!