Re: CU-SEEME Chat Loss & future versions

Daniel W. Erskine (
Thu, 04 Apr 1996 20:38:08 -0600

Chris Silverberg wrote:
> > Huhm-mm-mm... I wonder what happened to the online signal compression,
> > in your figures? There IS data compression involved! Where? I'll get
> > some "concrete" answers and get back you all!
> You are absolutely right of course, that the poster didn't seem to consider
> modem compression, however the benefit of modem compression is questionable
> for CU-SeeMe. I believe CU already has compression for both video and
> audio. The result of the modem performing additional compression may be
> marginal, or depending on the data, actually worse.
> But i'm just guessing... i dont have any figures or detailed knowledge of
> what compression CU-SeeMe uses to make really give a good answer. I
> personally would opt to run the modem at 57.6k with v.42bis compression...
> (course, why is this person using 14.4 anyway when there are cheap 28.8
> modems available... sigh)
> Chris Silverberg

I thought the SIGNAL, not the DATA, was compressed??? Again, more research
on MY part!!! As for why someone would use a 14.4? Well, they're STILL *good*
modems to use, barely so for the internet. I wouldn't want to use a 14.4 for
what *I* use the internet for, though!

CU later, folks.
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