Orchid Vidiola Pro/D Debugging Update

Greg Balch (Gregorb@chesco.com)
Thu, 4 Apr 1996 23:32:24 -0500

I wanted to publicly thank everyone who posted either hints or encouragement...

I've gotten the whole shebang to sort of work...it looks like the card is
capturing in 320X240 mode and slapping a corner of it into the cu-seeme
screen, so I see the upper right hand corner of a 320x240 screen. I've set the
cu-seeme video format parameters to 8 bit pallatized and 160x120 size.

Video is pretty crummy and pixellated.

Does anyone know JPickle@aol.com? (He's the guy whose listed as getting this
thing to work).

Anyone else have any ideas? (Hare-brained schemes gratefully accepted :))


Greg Balch