Re: Connectix QuickCam problem

ode (
Fri, 5 Apr 1996 11:26:55 -0600 (CST)

I am using the PC version of quickcam on windows95 and windows3.1
under flourecent lighting without problems

There could be quite a few reasons..
starter module in the flourecent light could be defective
this may cause interference

your video display (monitor) may have a referesh rate thats not
the right one (I am using lcd display on compac notebook computer
and memorex telex 17" model cdm4333 on a 486 desktop)

Camera cables may be picking up interference from the pc fan etc
or some other emi source around

try moving to another area under similar lighting to comfirm..
try the camera on a diffrent PC/monitor

try a camera thats know to work fine, if the picture
flickers you know its the setup you have thats causing the problem
if it does not flicker, you have bad cameras..

> >Could be theres electromagnetic intereference from the choke
> >in the flourecent light. is it close to the camera?
> No, they're in the ceiling over 6 feet away.
> >I have flourecent lighting from the celing and dont have any problems
> The same problem has been reported by several other list/newsgroup readers.
> I wonder why your camera works well and ours don't?
> Is yours attached to a PC or a Mac?
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