Re: Public Reflectors?

Gary Cunha (
Fri, 5 Apr 1996 15:52:18 -0500

Hey All -

There are some great web pages that will show a frame of the live video
(updated every minute or so).
With some of the newer Netscape features,they actually create a live feed
that continually updates the video image and can appear as video.

Check out This Web site uses
Netscape 2.0 or better and makes heavy use of the new form feature
(multiple windows within the screen, movable borders of these subwindows,
separate scroll control, etc). This guy has an International list of live
camera views for the web. Left side of page is countries, right side are
the hot-linked text.

Also, try searching (using a web search engine like Lycos, Yahoo,
WebCrawler, etc) for terms like "Live Video" or "CUSeeMe". You'll be
amazed how these things respond...

I've seen a few CUSeeMe reflectors setup like you describe, but they seem
to come and go so quick, it's impossible to even keep track of them. I'd
be curious to see a list of reflectors like you describe as well. See the
world from your desktop!

- Gary C

> I was told there are some cameras in streets, public buildings
>etc.. that can be accessed with cu-seeme, anyone have any ip of this kinda
>or a list with them?
> Victor Travieso

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