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>Subject: No Response Error
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>Sorry to ask what may be a question with an obvious answer. I have
>checked the FAQs and all documentation I can find.
>We are trying to set up a reflector on an SGI machine. Using a
>Macintosh client, we can connect to it fine. Using a PC client,
>however, if no one else is on the reflector, a PC will get a
>"No Response" error. If the Macintosh is already connected,
>the error will not occur, and the PC will connect correctly.
>We have tried accessing it from both inside and outside the
>firewall with the same effect. This does not seem to fall under
>the conditions listed in the PC FAQ.
>Does the PC client have some kind of timeout coded into it to
>generate this error if noone else is on the reflector?

This depends on the version of the reflector code that you are using. A
friend of mine runs the ref at Univ. of Texas and said that the FIRST PC to
connect will get the "No Response" message, but the Mac clients will not. I
think this was with the 4.03b reflector version. He also said that if TWO
PCs try to connect at the same time, that they will connect just fine. I
was the first PC user to connect to his ref one day when he had just brought
it up, and experienced the "No Response" and asked him about it. I know
this sounds a little sketchy, but I would bet that Brian O'Shea from White
Pines will send a better explaination, and, of course, reccommend that you
get the latest White Pines reflector code, which works much better.

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