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Greetings, ALL:
In light of recent 28.8-to-33.6 modem upgrade technology, here's some data from
US Robotics home page. I think this might be informative.

CU later...
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33.6 Kbps Explained

Welcome to the next level of high speed analog data communications_33.6 Kbps.
our Courier modem contains new enhanced V.34 software that provides the
capability for two new connection rates: 31.2 Kbps and 33.6 Kbps. The new
software also improves general throughput as a result of advanced design, larger
block sizes, and the implementation of selective reject.

Higher Connection Rates
While line conditions may not always allow for 33.6 connections, the new
software enhances overall performance and reliability, making it more likely to
achieve and maintain 28.8 connections. It can even add up to 4800 bps to your
average V.34 connection rate.

Selective Reject
Selective reject is part of the improved software for the "V.Everything" modem.
You may notice significant throughput improvements over noisy lines when
connecting with other modems using this feature, as the number of retransmitted
blocks is reduced.

31.2 and 33.6 Kbps connection rates are only possible when connecting with other
"V.Everything" modems upgraded to the latest software revision. Be sure that
friends and business associates using U.S. Robotics Courier modems upgrade to
the new V.34 software, so that they too can take advantage of the higher
connection rates and improved throughput capabilities. Upgrades are free to
anyone who owns a U.S. Robotics "V.Everything" modem. Simply download the new
software from our free BBS service. Complete instructions for performing
software upgrades are included in the Courier manual.

New Parameters

Result Codes
The following new verbal connect messages and numeric result codes are included.

Verbal Numeric
CONNECT 31200 151
CONNECT 31200/ARQ 152
CONNECT 31200/V34 153
CONNECT 31200/ARQ/V34 154
CONNECT 33600 155
CONNECT 33600/ARQ 156
CONNECT 33600/V34 157
CONNECT 33600/ARQ/V34 158

New Inquiry Displays
The ATI6 diagnostic screen has an extended protocol field which displays the
actual block and window sizes, and indicates when selective reject has been
negotiated. The I11 screen displays "V34+" for connections with other U.S.
Robotics modems using the new V.34 software.

Fixed Connection Rate
The &N command for fixing connection rates has been extended to support the two
new speeds, adding &N15 (31.2 Kbps) and &N16 (33.6 Kbps).

Feature Disable
31.2 and 33.6 Kbps may be disabled by issuing the following AT command:
AT S56.5=1
Selective reject can be disabled by issuing the following command:
AT S51.6=1
Disabling of these features is only necessary for certain troubleshooting

Fixed synchronous mode can also operate at 31.2 and 33.6 Kbps under V.34 with
the new software upgrade. The maximum synchronous rate under V.25bis is 19.2

U.S. Robotics On-Line Support