Re: Wpine Engineer here?

Bill Ryan (
Tue, 9 Apr 1996 08:26:31 -0800

Hi Dave,

Several engineers of WPSI follow this list from various teams (Mac,
WIndows, Reflector, etc...).

The best approach for reporting bugs is to report them to our support
people. You can do this via eMail (from within out Web page) or via the

This way they get entered into "the system", get assigned to the
appropriate team, etc....

At the same time, feel free to ask us engineers about problems and
suggestions, but please understand that we can't always give personnal
attention to everyone.


>I thought I saw a White Pine Engineer say he followed this mail list.
>Am I correct? Would he identify hemself? I have some GPFs to send him for
>the 2.0 Enhanced software.
>Thanks, Dave

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