So where are all the pub reflectors?

John Accardi (
Tue, 9 Apr 1996 05:55:02 -0700

Recently a new CUSM participant I'm anxious to try this
stuff out. I have seen the public reflector list(s) referenced
by White Pine and other FAQs which contain a few dozen sites ...

but ....

after nightly consistent attempts to connect to them, I find almost
all silent. Some, like the demo sites at White Pine are always
active but participant-full. The Nantucket Cafe seems to be the
only one with a reasonable chance of participation.

Am I missing something? Is public conferencing so sparse and hit-or-miss?

Maybe there are other public sites? Or is most activity privately arranged?

(I've already tried out the Sattler (sp?) list and the references by
White Pine.)

Please advise,