I want a divorce, CU-Later!

U2 (U2@apple.com)
Tue, 9 Apr 96 10:41:47 -0500

The wife [CU] and I have been together for quite some time. We've had =
some children [the oldest is 0.83b3] but recently I've suspected she =
was seeing someone else [White Pine]. What was my first clue? I =
haven=B9t heard from her since LAST YEAR! How could I've been so =
blind?? Not only was she seeing someone else [White Pine] but she has =
given birth to other children [Enhanced CU-SeeMe v2.0 1 for Windows] =
and is pregnant with another! I should've been suspicious when I =
hadn't heard from her since October (love is blind?). I've begged =
her, pleaded with her to come back [and at least consider another =
update for] home but she is unresponsive. I've sent messages to her =
new love [White Pine] asking for any news from her. He tells me that =
he will have some news for me [about a Macintosh version] but I think =
he was just trying to appease me. For, in truth, I heard [from my =
internal grapevine] there wont be any news for quite a while. Could =
it be that his attempts at artificial insemination keep bombing & =
crashing? Is this why he [White Pine] has yet to conceive even an =
alpha child [much less a beta]. Or does he already have a [beta] =
child that is so ugly it is kept under lock and key? Who knows, he =
isn't talking [to Macintosh users]. The messages I've sent [to the =
Macintosh development team] have gone unanswered [or are filed in =

Well, I still have my children [especially 0.83b3] and I am thinking =
of adopting a standard [ITU-T H.320] child [QuickTime Conferencing] =
from my parents [Apple]. As this child grows, he/she will be able to =
play with all of the [ITU-T H.320] kids on the block. At least THEY =
have love to share with those of my persuasion [at =
http://qtc.quicktime.apple.com/qtc/qtc.demo.html]. Don't get me =
wrong, I am not against HIS [White Pine's] kind [PC software], in =
fact, I even own a few of them [PC's]. ["Some of my best friends own =
PC's."] But I prefer the life I've chosen [using Macintosh] for it =
is [in my opinion] superior. I guess she [CU] has forgot her first =
love. . .

I will miss this [listserve] forum. Cut, copy & paste seem to have =
answered the majority of [Macintosh] questions users ask [since they =
are easier to run & support]. I guess anyone could do what I've done =
so I wont be missed. All I can say is, "Honey [CU] come home & SeeMe =

Ulan King

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