Lost Picture for local image

Tue, 09 Apr 1996 14:27:42 EST

Hello all;

I have been using the Cornell latest version of CUSEEME for
several months, now. We have installed on several machines
with successful connections each time.

I was connected to a public reflector yesterday, and chose to
change my video format while connected. I was trying to enlarge
the video image here. When I selected the 1/2 image size button
the video image disappeared from my desktop.

I am using a ComputerEyes 1024 video board, with a Howard
Enterprises HA6300 Color Telecamera. When I open the video capture
software from ComputerEyes, I get a very clear "color" image on
my desktop. However, CUSeeMe has no local image. I have tried to
reset the "video format" and even to delete and reinstall the whole
CUSeeMe software package. I deleted all files and then unzipped the
original Zip file again.

Can anyone give me a corrective action that will restore my local
image? Help Please!!!!


Tim Lawton
(914) 575-3390