Re: proxy support
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 11:57:39 GMT

At 10:50 AM 26/3/96, Faux Joe wrote:
>On 25 Mar 1996, WECHEN.US.ORACLE.COM wrote:
>> Hi, would anyone considering adding proxy support to CU-SeeMe? I am living
>> in a LAN guarded by a firewall. I just can't use CU-SeeMe at all. Connection
>> request always fails.
>This is exactly what I see when I try to connect through my company's
>firewall ("BorderWare"). I've set the firewall to let in ports 7648-7652
>to one particular machine (mine) but it doesn't work. Is there something
>about proxied connections like this that will kill CU-SeeMe?

Actually, there is no application level proxy for CUSEE-ME (application
level proxies know about the internal protocol used).

This is possible to add circuit level proxy for CUSEE-ME (circuit level
proxies do not know about the CUSEEME protocol, there are just proxying UDP
packets with minor changes in the packets).

BTW, I'm a firewall developper (NetSafe from SNI).

An experimental proxy for CUSEE-ME was added quite easily (I guess the same
effort can be done on the plain udprelay public domain proxy).

What would be nice is to add a real application level proxy. This needs some
small changes in the client part of CUSEE-ME. I would be happy to talk with
developpers on this subject.

Feel free to contact me for further details


Eric Vyncke,  Project Leader
Siemens Nixdorf - Centre Software de Liege - Belgium
Email: Phone: +32-41-201654 Fax: +32-41-201642
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