RE: participants list

John W. Osborne (
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 18:26:22 +-1000


You will no doubt get many responses to this but......

You don't show up in the Participants window because that would, uhhh, errr,
be a bit redundant wouldn't it? I mean, if you are connected to the ref, -you-
know you are there, so why should you appear in -your- participants list?
At any rate, -you- won't be listed. It is a 'feature'.

As to why your contributions to the chat area don't appear to work, in -my-
experience, CUSEEME -appears- to bias itself towards sending audio data
first, then video, then the chat text. Try freezing your video, type your stuff,
hit enter, then unfreeze and see if you have any better luck.

Regards, John

From: dianna rawleigh[]
Sent: Wednesday, 10 April 1996 1:35
Subject: participants list

why is it that when i'm connected to a reflector list and can see others
both visible and hidden and lurking, i can't see myself in the
Participants' List, nor does anyone respond to my questions in the Talk