Re: I'm a novice for CUSEEME

Michael Bauer (
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 20:17:48 -0500 (CDT)

Dear Jatuporn:

I run several flavors of CU-SeeMe. Cornell's Macintosh version of
CU-SeeMe is the grandaddy of them all, and works beautifully - although
I don't have a camera on my Mac, I've never had any problems with

I also run it on a Windows 95 box with a QuickCam. Cornell's Windows 95
version of CU-SeeMe is buggy but does the job (most of the bugs are the
annoying kind, not the "fatal" kind). White Pine's Enhanced version,
however, is much better well worth the $70. (No offense, Cornell - you
know we love you guys!)

Please keep two things in mind when reading these postings:

1) People use CU-SeeMe with every hardware configuration imagineable.
Video Capture cards are no more standardized than any other type of PC
hardware, and furthermore, videoconferencing is still pretty new
technology. Glitches happen!

2) Many (most) of these glitches are fairly easily fixed. However,
since the easy way to respond to e-mail is to "reply", which in 99% of
mail programs automatically grabs the address of the original sender (not
that of the Listserv), many of these solutions don't make their way to
this list - they get sent directly to the person who had the problem.

Jatuporn: take the plunge! This is fun stuff, and the QuickCam is a
terrific product (come on, it's cheaper than a lot of the software one
uses cameras _for_!) Odds are, you won't have any problems at all (I'm
batting 3 for 3, myself).

Fellow Listservers: make sure you change the "To" field to when you reply to people's questions - don't
deprive the masses of your wisdom!

Regards to everybody, Mick

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Jatuporn
Chinrungrueng wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just downloaded CuSeeme V. W0.84, and subscribed to this mailing list last
> night. Most of the mail I got so far were about asking for help. So I just
> have a trivia question for you guys whether anyone can use this software to
> do conference without any problem at all. I just don't want to invest my
> money for a camera before the software is kind of complete. Also is the
> software supporting Win 95?
> Thanks,
> Jatuporn