No problems with CU

Leslie McClure (
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 23:04:59 +0000

I continue to read that many people are having problems with CU-SeeMe
runnning on their machines. I noticed tonight there was one from a
gentleman asking if it was worth spending the money for a cam and the
program. For what it is worth to anyone I will state that I
haven't had any problems with Cu, either the Cornell or the White
Pine versions.

When I down loaded my first freeware Cornell version I got the "get
host by name error" but upon looking I found that I had a bad entry
in my dialler config and once that was corrected I didn't even need
a hosts file.

Since that time I have loaded every White Pine beta that came down
and everyone worked great at the install. Now I run the WP2.01
Enhanced and it preforms great.
I too suffer from the sound quality but I blame that more on my slow
processor (486 DX4\75) and 16-bit SB than White Pine.

I have tried other Video products and found them to be less flexible
than CU. I am a firm believer in WP-CU!!!

Of course I am a Tech Support Rep and do admit that I commit the
"unpardonable" sin of reading the readme file before I start an
install, but nobody's perfect!!
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