I'm a novice for CUSEEME

Thu, 11 Apr 1996 05:55:06 -0500

JC>Hi all,

JC>I just downloaded CuSeeme V. W0.84, and subscribed to this mailing list last
JC>night. Most of the mail I got so far were about asking for help. So I just
JC>have a trivia question for you guys whether anyone can use this software to
JC>do conference without any problem at all. I just don't want to invest my
JC>money for a camera before the software is kind of complete. Also is the
JC>software supporting Win 95?


You get credit for the dumbest remark I ever read here.

If you do not need help it is unlikely you will ask for it.
So think how many people did not ask for help.

Burt Fisher
Cape Cod's Internet Address