RE: Full-duplex sound blaster card

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Thu, 11 Apr 1996 17:15:48 -0700

At 07:38 PM 4/11/96 PDT, wrote:
>Dear Dennis and Achawin,
>From: "Dennis J. Streveler" <>
>>Hello Acahawin,
>>Creative Labs has beta versions of its full-duplex drivers available for
>all (recent) models of the card and for Windows3.1 as well as Windows95.
>At least that gets rid of the frustration of half-duplex sound which, >like
a walkie-talkie, is not up to the standard of "comfortable" speech.
>>Regards, Dennis
>As far as I know, to get a full-duplex voice, you need 2(two) sound blaster
cards. Each card is for each way.

No, I don't believe this is the case. As far as I know you only need ONE
sound blaster. Anyway, I have justisntalled the new (beta-release) drivers
today and I will try them out on some unsuspecting CUSeeMe'er rather soon.

>Since cuseeme's voice is not good, I use cuseeme only for the video and
chat typing but for the voice I use Iphone together with cuseeme.

What is your opinion of Iphone's audio compared to CUSeeMe's? Is it
noticably better? (How could it be much worse! :)

>Best regards, Frans Djiwatampu
>Jakarta, Indonesia.

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