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>Subject: I have a Problem with cuseeme
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>Hi people,
>I get these error messages from my CUSEEME s/w every time I run it.
> "Capture driver is not properly installed"
> "Invalid handle!"
> "Invalid handle!"
>After which I do not get any video display. I have already put the
>msvideo.dll into the windows directory also into the windows\system. I have
>put the ivslider.dll into the netmanag directory, then into the windows and
>windows\system. I did not put the ctd3l.dll into windows as it is already
>I am running Netmanag's winsock.dll and can surf the net.

With no camera or video capture board, this is to be expected. You should
still be able to connect to a reflector and "lurk". Just ignore these error

>I was very impressed when i saw my friend run this s/w and wanted to
>purchase a cam to get into the community, but since I cannot get it started,
>I am now thinking twice. Also is the Connectex cam the best ?
>Please let me know what I'm doing wrong.

The Connectix Quickcam is the EASIEST and CHEAPEST way to send video, unless
you already have a camcorder, which would require a video capture card. I
believe that most video capture cards still cost more than the current
Quiclcam price of $85 US from PC/MAC Connection (1-800-800-1111).

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