RE: Full-duplex sound blaster card
Fri, 12 Apr 96 09:31:01 PDT

Dear Dennis and Achawin,

>From: "Dennis J. Streveler" <>
>To:, <>
>Subject: Re: I'm a novice for CUSEEME
>At 08:06 PM 4/10/96 -0400, Achawin Asavabhokin wrote:
>>so I wait for the other to stop talking first)
>>Is this normal or something is wrong with my connection?
>>Any response will be greatly appreciated,
>Hello Acahawin,
>Creative Labs has beta versions of its full-duplex drivers available >forall (recent) models of the card and for Windows3.1 as well as >Windows95. At least that gets rid of the frustration of half-duplex >sound which, like a walkie-talkie, is not up to the standard of >"comfortable" speech.
>Regards, Dennis

As far as I know, to get a full-duplex voice, you need 2(two) sound blaster cards. Each card is for each way.
There might be available 1(one) card that has 2(two) sound blasters on it. Desktops have no space constraint for adding another sound blaster card but not so with notebook computers. Notebooks usually have only 1(one) sound blaster card due to space constraint, and so is only for half-duplex operation either with cuseeme or Iphone (Internet Phone). With Iphone, the software could automatically detect whether you have 2 sound cards for full-duplex or 1 card for half-duplex. If you add another sound blaster card you have to assign a different DMA channel address than the existing one through the setup menu of your sound system configuration.
Anybody please correct me if I am wrong.

Since cuseeme's voice is not good, I use cuseeme only for the video and chat typing but for the voice I use Iphone together with cuseeme. For better quality voice you have to freeze the video, and to refresh the video quickly you have to refrain from voice communication. It is sure a hassle with an ordinary telephone line bandwidth or 28.8 Kbps modem. Also your opponent must have the Iphone software too and activated.

Best regards, Frans Djiwatampu
Jakarta, Indonesia.