Re: is it posible to save the video?

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>Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 18:36:03 GMT
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>Subject: is it posible to save the video?
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> Hi,
> Id like to know if there is any way of saving the video you are
getting from the net in a kinda video file and then open that file with
cuseeme or any other application and watch it as normal avi or mov files,
without the lag of the transmision and at a normal frame/s video speed. My
version and the help files i have say nothing about this....
> Thanx
> =20
> =20
> Victor Travieso
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If you use Windows 95, get the CAPSCRN program from the DOWNLOAD section of
my web page. This program captures a portion of the screen into an AVI file
(it works very much like CUDOODLE). There is also VIDCAP32, which captures
video directly from a video device, and puts it into an AVI file.

You will still have trouble with the frame speed, tho, since CAPSCRN will
capture the portion of the screen in particular increments of time. It
doesn't know when you have received a new frame from CU-SeeMe.

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