RE: Full-duplex sound blaster card (Dennis J. Streveler)

William Wilson (wwilson@GAMMA.IS.TCU.EDU)
Fri, 12 Apr 1996 08:45:04 -0500

A word about full duplex...

Sent: Friday, April 12, 1996 3:42 AM
Subject: RE: Full-duplex sound blaster card (Dennis J. Streveler)

Dear Dennis,

On Thu, 11 Apr 1996 17:15:48 -0700 Dennis J. Streveler wrote:
>>As far as I know, to get a full-duplex voice, you need 2(two) sound =
>>blaster cards. Each card is for each way.
>No, I don't believe this is the case. As far as I know you only need =
>sound blaster. Anyway, I have justisntalled the new (beta-release) =
>drivers today and I will try them out on some unsuspecting CUSeeMe'er =
>rather soon.

I have a Toshiba T2155CDS notebook with only 1 sound blaster card for =
multimedia purposes. From the FAQ about Iphone I read that you need 2 =
sound cards to enable full-duplex (each for 1 direction). Also the =

With the full duplex drivers, you do not need two cards.

software automatically detected that my notebook has only 1 sound card =
during install/configuration and so is only for half-duplex voice. If I =
press the full-duplex icon on the menu bar of Iphone it would return =
something like "only for half-duplex operation".

I am not sure whether using a unique full-duplex software you could make =
it a full-duplex operation although my notebook has only 1 sound card.

Please advise again where I could download the full duplex software you =
mentioned earlier (I deleted the digest mail). I would try whether this =
software could work with the Iphone software without conflict.

>>Since cuseeme's voice is not good, I use cuseeme only for the video =
>chat typing but for the voice I use Iphone together with cuseeme.=20
>What is your opinion of Iphone's audio compared to CUSeeMe's? Is it
>noticably better? (How could it be much worse! :)

Very much better Dennis. On Iphone the voice quality is almost like on a =
standard phone. On cuseeme it is usually disconnected/not continuous and =
the quality is bad/scratchy with heavy noise background and only good =
for very short messages/sentences. With Iphone you could adjust many =
settings e.g. Vox level, TX/RX level, quality/speed, various PCM/ADPCM =
bits, mono/stereo, etc.
A pity my notebook has only half-duplex capability with Iphone.

I would recommend using cuseeme together with Iphone for the voice =
communication if your opponent has the Iphone too.

Best regards, Frans Djiwatampu
Jakarta, Indonesia.
Date: 04/12/96 ; Time: 08:42:46

I am using Webtalk with full duplex drivers on one card. Works fine =
EXCEPT... I am usually talking to a friend in Austrailia. The delay =
time between here and there is about 3 seconds, therefore it is easier =
to disable full duplex.

You can get the beta drivers from Creative on the net. I do not have =
the address handy but if you search for Creative Labs on the net, you =
will find their web site.