Re: wpine color

David O. Bundy (
Fri, 12 Apr 1996 11:14:23 -0400

There is some problem with the SE100 device driver when we tell it to
capture in 8 Bit mode (256 colors) when you switch from Gray to Color
you are in this mode, you should at the time of switch also configure
the card to capture in 24 bit (True color) and it will work fine.

For more details this is explained in the release notes you should find
in the README with the product.

Good luck,
Dave B.

At 01:58 PM 4/12/96 +0000, Steven Jack wrote:
>Im using White Pines Enhanced Cu-Seeme v2.01
>My capture card is a Creative labs SE100 using the windows 95 drivers
>The card is using int 10 and installs at D0000
>The windows 95 is V4.00.950a. The proble if I configure Cu|Seeme to
>use the White Pine Color option I get a GP error in SE100Cap.DRV. The
>only thing I can do now is reboot windows otherwise it thinks the
>video device is already in use. Any body any ideas. TIA
>Steven Jack
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