FreeBSD reflector

Sam Sapoznick (
Fri, 12 Apr 1996 09:14:24 -0700

Hello, I've done a fair amount of searching through this mailing list's
archive, and sent mail to numerous people at cornell who I thought might
have an answer/solution to my query, to no avail. I think I posted to this
list several months ago, as well.

I would like very much to run a reflector on my FreeBSD workstation. There is,
as far as I can tell, no reflector binary available for FreeBSD. I've
tried to run the Linux version (using linux emulation), and have had no
success. At the suggestion of someone who replied to my last query, I've also
tried running the BSDI binary, which seg faults with 100% reliability.

Could someone compile the reflector software for FreeBSD? If necessary, I'd
be more than happy to provide a temporary account on my machine, which has
gcc and plenty of RAM, disk, and CPU.

Thanks very much,

Sam Sapoznick
University of California, Irvine
Science Library Interactive Learning Center
(714) 824 1016