Re:Iphone special deal via Compuserve

Bill Woodland (
Sat, 13 Apr 1996 06:51:17 -0500

>Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 09:52:51 -0700
>From: "Dennis J. Streveler" <>
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>Subject: Iphone special deal via Compuserve
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>To those who want to add Iphone to their arsenal of Internet applications,
>and to use Iphone in conjunction with CUSeeMe, I just noticed that VocalTec
>is offering it for $19.95 via Compuserve download (GO VOCALTEC). This sounds
>like a good deal. Maybe White Pine should consider offering their software
>this way as well?
>I've just downloaded my copy and will report in a few days regarding the
>quality of the audio which I experience with it.

Does Vocaltech have a web page where I can get to this? I refuse to pay the
high prices to Compuserve for access to stuff that I can find elsewhere.
The same goes for AOL, Delphi, Genie, etc. I pay $20 per month to my ISP
for unlimited hours, and suggest that anyone else using one of these
glorified BBSs close their account and get a REAL ISP.

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