Re: Streaks on QuickCam

Bill Mikulic (
Sat, 13 Apr 1996 10:10:44 -0700


I recently purchased a QuickCam and experienced the same phenomena; except
we use a PPC 7500.

Initially this occurred if the cam was connected to the serial port,
connecting to the printer port corrected it.
Turned out it I was using an outdated version of their software. Updating to
v.1.1 allow the cam to use the printer port.

Software updates:

Hope this helps,

At 07:17 AM 4/13/96 -0400, Chris Stevens wrote:
>Hello folks,
>I have a QuickCam hooked up to a Powerbook 160. In bright sunlight the
>picture has black streaks running vertical through the image. Is this
>normal? The folks at Connectix think not but don't have a solution yet.
>Chris Stevens
>Towson, MD