Capture Baord Question
Sat, 13 Apr 1996 19:02:44 -0500

JC>I have a Pentium 166 with a Reveal VE500 Video Capture Card. I can't
JC>seem to get it to give me a viewable local picture, all I get with Grey
JC>Scale is a blank screen and with the White Pine color I just get fuzz at
JC>the bottom of my screen. One thing I suspect but don't know how to fix
JC>is the fact that the video format it offers are only 640X480 or 320X240
JC>and I don't have a 160X120 option. Is this the problem? Does anyone
JC>know if the Reveal card will work with CU-SeeMe? Any advice would be

I bought a TV-500 video capture card and I could not get it to
work after 6 hours. It has IRQ and driver problems.

I called their help line but the 800 number was a machine that was
useless and the toll line was busy almost all the time and the
one time I got through they disconnected me after 40 minutes on hold.
The next day I was over an hour on hold and gave up.

I tried the WWW page and download some files that were supposed to help,
but did not.

Never again REVEAL for me.

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