CU-newbie question...

Starving Artist (
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 14:43:11 -0700

Hi everyone. I've been playing around with CU for a few weeks now, and was
having nominal success with xmit/rec at 14.4 (Mac 660AV w/Geoport) and
QuickCam. In an effor to increase the quality (quantity?) of xmit/rec, I
just got a 2.8 Global Village Teleport Platinum modem. Reception has
improved, but now, no one is rec my vid very well. It seems to barely
trickle in, if at all, whether on a ref or direct connection. Interesting
to note that when i pause, the image eventually makes it intact. Using the
14.4 Geoport, I was at least able to xmit fairly well, altho my recep was
poor. I'm connecting to my ISP via a SLIP connection, and all my other TCP
apps are working fine, and reflect the increase in throughput. Any clues??

Here's what I've got:

Mac Centris 660AV/230/24
System 7.5.3
Open Transport 1.1
CUSeeMe v0.83b3
Connectix QuickCam
QuickTime 2.1

These seem to be the pertinent details...if there's anything else that I
should mention, please let me know. I've pared down my system requirements
via the Extensions Manager (thinking that it was an overhead problem), but
that hasn't seemed to help any.

I'd really like to get this working ASAP, and not have to go back to the 14.4.

Post here, or to me directly at

Thanks a ton!