AOL, 288 to 336

elliot smith (
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 16:59:34 -0700

I believe that CUSEEME may use different ports that AOL's so called
internet access doesn't support.

> > I upgraded ny Sportster from 288 to 336 and now consistently log-on at
> > It seems to me that the limiting factor is how the ISP is set up rather

Or the limiting factor could be one's CPU - a PC can only handle so much
bandwith. MAybe a PPC can do 28.8 through put, but as for a plain old
68040 chip, don't count on it.

Leslie Mcclure (sp?) says :
>Also, the local telephone system where you are located only has so
>much bandwidth in their local loop.

But I don't think this applies to conventional phone calls, does it? Every
phone line can do 28.8, theoretically, as long as the loop isn't to long?
what is a loop anyway, how does it work?


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