Please help !!

Aldo Ruzzante (
Tue, 16 Apr 1996 09:25:37 +-100

Hello there !! Greetings from England !!!

I am writing for help ! I have been running Cu-seeme, version W084 =
for a week and suddently it does not run anymore. When clicking on the =
icon, it opens only to the point where the two Cameras are displayed =
and at the botton of the screen the Cu-seeme is 'minimised'. Clicking on =
it to try to open it, the Sound Window appears and Cuseeme doesn't pop =
up at all. The funny thing is: I was using it today with no probs at all =
!!! Then insisting on clicking on the Cuseeme icon, the following =
msgs appear:

1) closesocket() - error closing udp socket (10036)
2) WSACleanup()- error (10036)

I tryed to go for help on the Help section but the section concerning =
this error shows the name of the error and nothing else. There is no =
explanation of the situation whatsoever. Could you kindly write me back =
and tell me what is happening? I am so frustrated...after testing it for =
5 days as a lurke, I have just ordered a camera that should be here =
within a few days, but the software does not seen to run anymore. It all =
happened out of the blue !! I am using Windows 95 and mIRC4.0 .- 8 RAM.

I tried everything that I could before decide to bother you but my cam =
is on its way and the soft does not run anymore...please help !!

This message was originally sent to . It =
proved to be an undeliverable address despite it was mentioned on the =
Cornell Homepage as an address for bugs.

Would you know what is going on that suddently my Cu-seeme Software =
doesn't pop up anymore?

Thanks for your time...

Aldo Ruzzante