Re: Which port for nv?

Brian O'Shea (
Tue, 16 Apr 1996 19:46:33 -0400

>Trying to get started, using nv on an SGI...
>When I try to connect to a reflector site, I can't see anything.
>What port should I use? 6666? Where can I find out what other
>things I might be doing wrong???

First, set your "encoding" to cuseeme, size to small, color to greyscale, and
set the bandwidth to something reasonable, like 80. You can do all of that
using X resources before you start nv.

Nv.encoding: cuseeme
Nv.recvColor: grey
Nv.xmitColor: grey
Nv.xmitSize: small
Nv.maxBandwidth: 80

If you don't use X resources, you'll have to do a "man nv" to find the right

Then connect to the host you want. The White Pine Reflectors require you to
include the conference id for the conference you want to connect to. So,
assuming you've loaded the X resources:

nv 4444 0

Will connect you to conference 0 of the White Pine reflector.


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