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>Subject: Please help !!
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>Hello there !! Greetings from England !!!
>I am writing for help ! I have been running Cu-seeme, version W084 for
a week and suddently it does not run anymore. When clicking on the icon, it
opens only to the point where the two Cameras are displayed and at the
botton of the screen the Cu-seeme is 'minimised'. Clicking on it to try to
open it, the Sound Window appears and Cuseeme doesn't pop up at all. The
funny thing is: I was using it today with no probs at all !!! Then
insisting on clicking on the Cuseeme icon, the following msgs appear:
>1) closesocket() - error closing udp socket (10036)
>2) WSACleanup()- error (10036)
>I tryed to go for help on the Help section but the section concerning this
error shows the name of the error and nothing else. There is no explanation
of the situation whatsoever. Could you kindly write me back and tell me
what is happening? I am so frustrated...after testing it for 5 days as a
lurke, I have just ordered a camera that should be here within a few days,
but the software does not seen to run anymore. It all happened out of the
blue !! I am using Windows 95 and mIRC4.0 .- 8 RAM.

As far as where your windows went, with Windows 95 sometimes the screen
coordinates get messed up. Try this:

If it is on the win95 taskbar, RIGHT mouse click it on the taskbar, then
LEFT click on MOVE. Using the CURSOR KEYS, move UP and LEFT until the
wire-frame is visible, then hit ENTER to drop it there. This happens ONLY
when you exit cu-seeme with a window MINIMIZED.

Regarding the error mesages, it sounds like maybe your ent connection had
dropped by that time, but I could be wrong. Try to fix the window problem
first, then see if you still get the error messages.

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